Ubuntu 14.04: add-apt-repository – command not found

The tradational command to a PPA repository was to use add-apt-repository but in 14.04 the command is not always part of the default OS install. To fix this just install software-properties-common python-software-properties sudo apt-get install software-properties-common python-software-properties add-apt-repository not found



Installing Latest Docker Server On Ubuntu 14.04

Overview Docker is becoming a very popular software container for Linux based deployments. It allows software to be wrapped into containers and deployed onto the server. The container is “jailed” so that it’s processes cannot interfer with others (a sandboxing … Continue reading



Chef Dependency Hell

I’ve been playing around with Chef in conjunction with Vagrant and it’s become very obvious the lack of dependency management. Chef cookbooks has a metadata.rb which has a dependency directive to allow users to see what the cookbook relies on. … Continue reading



Docker On DigitalOcean Cannot Resolve Hostnames

Overview I encountered an issue where during the build of my Docker container it was not able to get a response back during an apt-get update command. It turns out it was unable to resolve the DNS entries because of … Continue reading



Share .bashrc

Suggested by Dave Bradford, it turns out you can share .bashrc files between computers and use symbolic link. Rename the file: mv ~/.bashrc ~/bashrc.bak Dropbox example: ln -s ~/Dropbox/.bashrc ~/.bashrc where the .bashrc is stored in the root Dropbox folder. … Continue reading



Checkout Specific Files From Git

Overview From Git 1.7 it is possible to checkout specific files from a repository. The feature in Git is called sparse checkout. How To Create a repository: git init myRepo where myRepo is the directory to create the new repository. … Continue reading



Manually Installing Sublime Text 2 On Ubuntu

Overview Sublime is one of the best of the text editor I have used. One of the best things about it is that it’s cross platform but it doesn’t include an installer for Linux. Install Download a copy of the … Continue reading



Creating ls command in Windows

Create a ls.bat file with the contents: dir %1 the %1 is the parameters passed into the command so that you can do ls My Documents or just ls. There are different places to put the ls.bat file but as … Continue reading