Error: You Are Using A High Performance Setting

I ran the Windows 7 “Power Efficiency Diagnostics Report” tool to see what can be done to reduce power consumption but it reports that using the performance power setting as an Error? Surely it should be a warning or not … Continue reading



Computer Has Died

Unfortunately my computer has died on me so my blog posts may become less frequent till it is fixed / sorted.



Week 2/4(ish) Without Internet At Home

Due to a BT error I have been living at home without Internet for just over two weeks now. In that time I have got a new mobile phone which I will review once I get the Internet back. The … Continue reading



Halifax New Home Welcome Pack

I was very shocked when Halifax sent us a welcoming pack. It’s these little things that makes me glad I bank with them. Can’t wait to move my some accounts from Santander to Halifax too.



Low Car Battery Moment

Had car trouble yesterday so I had to hook up the battery charger by Halfords. It took between 5-6 hours to charge from just under 12v left in the battery. I was luck enough to make it home when I … Continue reading



Common Craft Show – Explaining Things

From Tekzilla daily tip there is a site which has videos explaining complicated things in simple terms. It’s called the Common Craft Show and it uses paper animation to get the point across. I liked it and more importantly my … Continue reading



Extending Zip Ties To Make Them Longer

I was doing some cable management recently and found that the length of one zip tie was not long enough to go around so I thought I’d try and daisy chain them together. What you know it can be done. … Continue reading



Happy Chinese New Year

It’s the year of the cow (Ox) which is my year.