Persistent SSH Tunnel

Overview An tunnel is a way of providing a connection for which other connections can be made without revealing what they are. An SSH tunnel is using the SSH protocol to create such connection. One of the main benefit to … Continue reading



SSH 2 Factor Authentication With Google Authenticator In Ubuntu 12.04

Overview I love 2 factor authentication and believe it’s one of the best way forward to securing access. 2 Factor authentication combines something you know such as a password with something you have like fingerprint. In this case SSh will … Continue reading



Decrypting Minecraft Password

If you want to retrieve a forgotten password in Minecraft you can use some simple Java to decrypt the “lastlogin” file if the username and password from the last session was saved. I do not condone the act of stealing … Continue reading



KeePass Mini Review

Overview Software and services for password manager have been around for a long time. I was skeptical about using such products because I thought it was leaving “all your eggs in one basket”. Loose your key file and / or … Continue reading



Lock & Unlock Windows With Bluetooth

Overview I’d love to automate as much as possible and also get some great UIs along the way (Minority Report / Iron Man anyone?). An article I came across from How To Geek was a step closer to the dream. … Continue reading



Security Holes & Backdoors In FreePBX

I found a chilling article by chance the consequence was extremely bad! It seems security was not high on the agenda when FreePBX was initially developed and the developers had built some default and backdoors into a system for easy … Continue reading



Remove WordPress Default Admin Account

A good security tip is to remove the default “admin” account that is installed by default. Before doing so create a new user who also has the role Administrator. When deleting an account such as the admin one, WordPress can … Continue reading



Remove Ubuntu Keyring Password

I often access Linux remotely but since 10.04 I have been encountering issues with the remote desktop. After a reboot, in order to gain remote desktop connection it would always prompt for a password. In situations where it reboots and … Continue reading