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I switched from Android to iOS and listed what I feel are comparable apps between the 2 with any notes about them. I am predominantly Android so there will be bias towards that platform.

Tasker – Workflow

Tasker is an automation app on Android which I have found Workflow to be comparable. Workflow has a lot better UI and improvements to the magic variables help even seasoned users. Workflow has 2 major down sides compared to Tasker:

  1. workflows must be started manually
  2. workflows cannot trigger other workflows using actions

I believe the first point is an iOS limitation so any triggers must be started by you either from notification centre or opening the app. The second is confusing why they wouldn’t let you do this to make modular workflows. You can supposedly use X-Callback URLs but that’s more advanced and has it’s open limitations.

I’d recommend Launcher Center Pro as a companion app to Workflow. It allows you to start profiles through a series of shortcuts or using location for example.

Workflow is prettier to look at and easier to use with it’s magic variables and integration with Siri Shortcuts.

Juice SSH – Termius

I haven’t looked into this extensively. I needed the client to be able to remotely connect to a server and preferably using keys. Termius does that however getting the key into the app was more of a challenge compared to Juice just because there is no real way to share files.

Android Messages / Hangout – iMessage

Not quite the same however I have found iMessage to be a joy to use compared to Google Hangouts now Android Messages. With Google Duo and Allo sitting along side hangout, it shows the lack of direction and unity that Apple in some areas. I’d recommend skipping both and go to WhatsApp if your circle has it.

Keepass2Android Password Safe – KyPass

Keepass is my password manager of choice and KyPass is definitely a worthy replacement. It even includes TouchID for your vaults / databases.


Some utilities ad comparisons between the two platforms with my recent experience.

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