Backup Drive Naming Convention


The main purpose i use a naming convention is to identify the drive with the new data v.s the old. Imagine going to the location where you’re swapping out a drive. Even a small distraction can cause confusion. Did I swap the drive? Is the drive in my hand old or new?

Naming Convention

A quick and easy way to identify a drive with 0 cost except for some brain power is to remember the last 3-6 digits of the drive’s serial number. All drives should have a serial number which are unique to the drive.

NFC Tags

Using NFC tags to write and tag certain information with the small built in memory. I use NFC Tools on Android to read and write to the tags. There is no security on the information on the tags but I can use it to log the dates of the latest backup as a quick way to see when it was last updated so if my memory fails me, I have a quick way to read the tag and log.


Simple admin to make the backup and rotation a lot easier and prevent leaving the wrong drive again.

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