Backup Overview


This post ties all the backup posts into 1 overview of the backups. There are 3 main types based on the location of where the data is stored / managed:

Local Backup

Data that resides in the same place as your computer or where majority of the time spent. The local storage should be always available and quick access to take advantage of the locality of the storage. The performance should allow frequent and quick backups where possible. This could range from an internal drive to Network Attached Storage (NAS).


Where space allows, versioning of files will allow backups of changes and some protection against randsomware.


Offsite Backup

This assumes the backup is offline and placed in a reasonable distance away from the computer. In this case, the site is my home. Online, offsite backups would be similar to the online backup below.




Covers hosted solutions such as OneDrive, Dropbox, Backblaze etc.



Biggest advantage online backups are the additional services they may offer. Such as backing up whenever it’s connected reducing the time it takes to take a backup. Additional services like sharing data and version history.


There is no one solution to that will work for everyone so it’s best to use at least 2 of the solutions described above. You may choose to use different solutions for different file groups and having overlaps is better than having a gap in a backup.

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