Communal USB Charge Point

Overview I’m an Android user and have converted everyone in the house hold to be the same. As a convenience thing I decided to use one of the spare wall socket to USB plugs and put a micro USB cable … Continue reading



WD Black 2009 V.S WD Black 2013

A quick post to show the difference between 2 Western Digital Caviar Black drives with about 3-4 years and twice the capacity. The non-scientific results show only minor improvements on the read and random write. The read improvement is probably … Continue reading



Magnetic Spice Rack

Overview I saw an article on The Kitchen about putting magnets on jars for spices and thought it was a great idea. I decided to have a go myself. Magnets I’m not a magnet expert but I know the strongest … Continue reading



Colour Test

This is a cool colour test to see how well you perceive colour. The test is simple. Click and drag the colour boxes and re-arrange them from one colour to another. The colour boxes on the left and right are … Continue reading



Dormant Dart Tag

I have received a letter from Dart, the people who provide the Dart Tag for the Dartford crossing stating I had not used a Dart Tag for over 12 months and as per the terms and conditions I either should … Continue reading



New User Registration Disabled

Recently I have been seeing a lot of new user registration and unable to tell if it’s bots or real users so for the time being new user registration has been disabled and only allowing OpenID sign ups for now.



Error: You Are Using A High Performance Setting

I ran the Windows 7 “Power Efficiency Diagnostics Report” tool to see what can be done to reduce power consumption but it reports that using the performance power setting as an Error? Surely it should be a warning or not … Continue reading



Computer Has Died

Unfortunately my computer has died on me so my blog posts may become less frequent till it is fixed / sorted.