Everyday Carry – Extended 2017

Overview This details the Core layer of my EDC as per the model defined in my previous post. This builds on top of the core layer designed to last up to a day away from home. For example a day … Continue reading



Danny’s Amazon (UK) Seller Blacklist

Amazon only allows people to rate the product but not the seller so I thought I’d share my list of sellers who I have had a bad experience with here. I’ll aim to maintain the list and if anyone has … Continue reading



Everyday Carry – Core 2017

Overview This details the Core layer of my EDC as per the model defined in my previous post. My EDC This is what I have on me when I leave the house at all times. Ziiiro Eclipse: current watch with … Continue reading



Everyday Carry Model

Overview I stumbled upon the concept of Everyday Carry (EDC) last year which was the concept of items carried on a person at all times. I see it as a name for what daily essentials but it can also be … Continue reading



Communal USB Charge Point

Overview I’m an Android user and have converted everyone in the house hold to be the same. As a convenience thing I decided to use one of the spare wall socket to USB plugs and put a micro USB cable … Continue reading



WD Black 2009 V.S WD Black 2013

A quick post to show the difference between 2 Western Digital Caviar Black drives with about 3-4 years and twice the capacity. The non-scientific results show only minor improvements on the read and random write. The read improvement is probably … Continue reading



Magnetic Spice Rack

Overview I saw an article on The Kitchen about putting magnets on jars for spices and thought it was a great idea. I decided to have a go myself. Magnets I’m not a magnet expert but I know the strongest … Continue reading



Colour Test

This is a cool colour test to see how well you perceive colour. The test is simple. Click and drag the colour boxes and re-arrange them from one colour to another. The colour boxes on the left and right are … Continue reading