Tyre Size Calculator

I found a really cool tyre size calulator (like it says in the title) which it shows the difference in speed if you enter your original and your new or potential wheel and tyre combination. There is also a picture … Continue reading



Germans Can Be “Cool”

I think it’s a great idea for the goverment to be involved in the modern car scene of modding. The German’s have a tuning program that is part of the police force. It has great information about modding especially on … Continue reading



Alfa Romeo Brera

People should already know I’m some what of a Alfa Romeo fan and yesturday I saw this: Brera I was thinking WOW! At first I thought it was a new GT but nope its one up!



What Else Can Go Wrong?

Just had the car checked over with the UV dye and Honda found a leak in the condensor. This is the radiotr like thing in the front of the car and according to him it’s doesn’t look like a it … Continue reading



Collin’s Honda Report

Got the car back today and got some great news… NOT! Bearing has gone in the gearbox and the whole thing news to be “revamped”. They quoted me £700 – £1000 for the job! Sucks. The air conditioner didn’t have … Continue reading



Me Want That… And That…

Dropped the car off for its inspection and got a 2005 Civic. The ineterior update is so much better! Ignoring the better trim here are some pictures of it. Side Shot of the car. It’s a 1.6 VETEC engine which … Continue reading



The Shop Says…

Word of mouth from Honda and it doesnt sound good. There’s apparently a leak in the air conditioner and the gearbox needs to be replaced! Man this is going to be expensive! Hope it will be ready before GSK and … Continue reading



Apex Suspensio System

Damn “N” peeled off the door stack so had to take it off. Looks odd now so probably get new ones later. They are very time consuming to take off. Since the Apex had lots of individual lettering I have … Continue reading