144 Bug

I have been in contact with Mark on my energy@home project and found Mark’s website which led me to a disappointing discovery – bug in the CurrentCost device. Whilst it has not affected me yet it is somewhat disconcerning that … Continue reading



energy@home 0.4

I have just published version 0.4 of energy@home. It includes Twitter integration and a new graph which shows how much energy was used for each hour of the day. energy@home project page



energy@home Twitter Integration

A preview of my part time project energy@home with Twitter integration. As you can see the value for total energy used is currently way off but it’s a preview of what’s to come. There are two options: tweet hourly summary … Continue reading



energy@home Project Update v0.4a

It’s been a while since I have mentioned the project energy@home I have been working on so I thought I’d share the latest picture of what it looks like. I will soon be tagging and release a new version with … Continue reading



energy@home Mention On GNC#518

I sent in an Email to Todd on the Geek News Central Podcast and he kindly linked my project in his show notes which can be found here. You can hear the recording on episode 518 around 1 hour 13 … Continue reading



Energy@Home Released On Google Code

I have formally uploaded and started using Google Code to host my energy monitor I’m using / developing. It has been released under the GPL license so feel free to take a look at my messy code and leave some … Continue reading