Statically Charged MacBook Pro

For the first time I have experienced the static change on the MacBook Pro casing and it’s weird. I got it on the palm rest area. The notebook was sitting infront of my desktop computer and I was programming away … Continue reading



Thinkpad Demostration

There was a Lenovo Thinkpad demostration yesterday which I was going to watch but it required Realplayer so I skipped it. Notebook Review website hosted a sample video of what happened and I have to say the Thinkpad Line looks … Continue reading



For The Die Hard Mac Fans

How would you like a hold plated MacBook Pro. Well some has done it: http://www.tuaw.com/2007/10/01/golden-macbook-pro/



MagSafe Tension Release

I stumbled across an article that the MagSafe power adapter used on my MacBook Pro does not have proper stress relief. Although it is pretty extreme to have the cable to fail, I thought it was an easy modification. I … Continue reading



A Post

I thought I’d post something up since it’s been a while. I have got my MacBook Pro and its so good. Although I am having problems connecting to Dlink router but it works fine in Windows. I am still having … Continue reading



8 days and counting

It’s been 8 business days since I order the MacBook Pro and it still hasn’t left the factory. Everything else has arrived. First starting with my Booq Bag which I have to say looks really good. Haven’t used it yet … Continue reading



Apple MacBook Pro On Order

Oh yes. I have finnaly decided on the notebook of choice and thanks to my Dad. There is a 7-10 days building time because it’s Custom To Order (CTO) with another 5 days for delivery. I went for the 15″ … Continue reading



Lamborghini vs Ferrari

Just noticed the Asus Lamborghini VX1 notebook and it seems to be taking on the Acer Ferrari. How odd to use cars in the computing world. Wonder if HP will come out with a Willams notebook? The Lamborghini looks better … Continue reading