Home Assistant Introduction

Overview I have been using Home Assistant for 6 months and it has been an amazing investment of time and energy. Home Assistant is like the controller or brains behind any home automation. As a community project, it has it’s … Continue reading



Living With Hive (Home)

Overview Hive is a British Gas creation which allows remote control of your home water and heating control by replacing your thermostat and timer controls. It’s a step into home automation which we have had for over a year and … Continue reading



British Plug Cap Phone Stand

Fairly self explanatory:



Current Cost CC128 Envi Review

Overview A home automation article popped up in my RSS feed and lead me to this cool device. It’s a combination of a display and sensor which allows you to monitor and track the amount of electricity is being used … Continue reading



George Foreman Easy Clean Grill 14066 Review

I didn’t need a grill but the electric oven is not the best for grilling especially the layout of the shelf (that’s right one shelf). I saw the George Foreman Easy Clean Grill 14066 for less than £20 when it … Continue reading



Russell Hobbs 14165 Turbo Brush Head Cleaning Problem

An update to my experience of the Russell Hobbs 14165 which I had reviewed few months back. Now that I’ve had it for a while I thought I’d check the turbo head which has a rotating brush head. It’s great … Continue reading



Breville Coffee Machine Review

We received this machine for Christmas and thought I’d give my view about it. The Breville had good features like washable filter, non-drip mechanism, auto shut off and timer. All sounds good for a simple coffee maker. My first experience … Continue reading



Motorola MotoLivn D812 Review

Overview This is my first time purchasing a land line telephone and did I get a shock at how expensive they can be as well the range available to consumers. Research Like any cautious consumer I ALWAYS do research before … Continue reading