Pay & Go Sim For Tablets

I was on a hunt for a regular sim card for a tablet and had different experiences with each shop: T-Mobile Store – Closet store on arrival. Staff was helpful in helping us and offered a regular pay and go … Continue reading



namebench – DNS Tester

There’s a really good DNS benchmark tester called namebench. It’s free (beer and source) and runs on Windows and Mac OSX. The software tests the current DNS as well as popular DNS servers like OpenDNS and Google. It also has … Continue reading



DD-WRT On D-Link DIR-615

I had a spare Netgear DG834N router lying around and thought about flashing it with a different firmware such as Tomato or xWRT but the router was not compatible with any 3rd part firmware. This lead me to replacing the … Continue reading



Security Holes & Backdoors In FreePBX

I found a chilling article by chance the consequence was extremely bad! It seems security was not high on the agenda when FreePBX was initially developed and the developers had built some default and backdoors into a system for easy … Continue reading



WiTopia VPN Abroad

Overview I recently went abroad to Cyprus and got a chance to try using a VPN service “on the road”. I had my Android and Linux devices with mixed results. Please continue reading to find out more. Ubuntu 11.04 I … Continue reading



Linux – List Open Ports

Command to list all the ports that are open / listening for incoming traffic: $netstat -a | egrep ‘Proto|LISTEN’



Ubuntu 10.04 Firewall (UFW) Basics

Overview UFW or Uncomplicated FireWall is a basic software solution for protecting against network intrusions. It’s basic in the form that it’s a wrapper around the more powerful and complex iptables and therefore makes some assumptions such as rate limits. … Continue reading



WiTopia VPN Service Review

I have always wanted to get a VPN server running at home so that I can tunnel back into the network remotely and also to protect myself on public hot spots. The former was more complicated than I thought and … Continue reading