No More Freedom In Germany

Bumping into a neat little tool called KisMac only to discover that Germany has passed some law that prevents German citizens from distributing security software because it is a nation security threat. Luckily I grabbed a copy before the site … Continue reading



SCO Stocks Fall

It’s good to hear a company that tried to sue Novell failed for saying it owns the rights to Linux. It still has the IBM lawsuit to settle but with Novells ruling being positive for the Linux community and not … Continue reading



Lamborghini vs Ferrari

Just noticed the Asus Lamborghini VX1 notebook and it seems to be taking on the Acer Ferrari. How odd to use cars in the computing world. Wonder if HP will come out with a Willams notebook? The Lamborghini looks better … Continue reading



Ubuntu Edgy Eft 6.10

I install the new release of Ubuntu on my Linux box and have been running it for just over three days now. I have not really been using it a whole lot but have been fairly pleased with the release … Continue reading



ASUS-Lamborghini VX2

They have up’d the anti and create the second generation of the car branded notebook. If you don’t remember my post earlier, I have mentioneed this before. But now Asus has just made me want to get a credit card … Continue reading



WordPress Dangerous

This news is six days old but still very important. Link to full article: http://wordpress.org/development/2007/03/upgrade-212/



Apple iPhone

Thanks to Dave he showed me the future! The Apple iPhone actual looks sexy and functional! http://www.apple.com/iphone/



Apple Patent

Just found a tiny article on Apple’s new patent on Cnet. Looks pretty neat and if it’s the new iPod, I can see it being fair cool. You touch the side of the unit rather than the screen itself. http://news.com.com/2300-1041_3-6130033.html?tag=nefd.gallery