Facebook Picture Upload Crashes Or Errors On FireFox

Recently tried to upload pictures to Facebook using Firefox only to find it crashed on me the first time and errored on the second. I thought this was odd considering it uses a Java Applet which should be compatible with … Continue reading



GPS on Computers

I have been trying to get get a bluetooth GPS device hooked up to various computers from mobile phones, Asus EEE PC to a Vista desktop. I thought it would be fairly easy but boy was I wrong. Starting out … Continue reading



BlueNext BN-909GR & SirfStar III Chip

I have been playing around with a BlueNext BN-909GR which has the SirfStar III GPS chip. The chip and implementation by BlueNext was amazing. I was able to get a lock of up 10 satellites on a clear bright day … Continue reading



BugLabs Bugs

This cool modular open source hardware is a pretty good idea but seems a bit big and expensive. It’s a good idea and the even better part is that they use the Java to programming and the Eclipse IDE works … Continue reading