Changing E82 Footwell Light

Changing the footwell lights are fairly trivial. The equipment needed are:

The OEM bulbs that were in my car were a 12v5W W5W.

I replaced them with SMD LEDs from eBay:

2 x Xenon 5 LED SMD Car Side Light Sidelight White Lamp Bulbs T10 W5W 501 168

The light block is rectangle in shape and the block also holds the bulb holder.

On the drivers side the light block should perpendicular to the car i.e the short sides face the back and front of the car.

Use the trimer remover / screw driver and get under the plastic on the short side closet to the boot. Push the tool in and down, forcing it to come out. If the tool was inserted correctly it should be pushing in the clips. Once one side is down and out it’s fairly easy to pull the rest out with no tools. Be careful in pulling the block out because the wire harness is still attached to the holder. The bulb holder is on the opposite side to where the clips are / where the tool has pushed against. This can be disconnected by pulling out the wire. Alternatively it can be left in.

Rotate the block or bulb holder anti clockwise to remove the bulb holder form the light block. This should reveal the bulb itself.

Use the cloth to remove the existing bulb. Be careful because the bulb will be hot and the cloth is just a pre-caution. Re insert the new bulb, put the holder back into the light block. Rotate clockwise to lock it in place, attach the plug if it was unplugged. Slide the block back in including any wires from the bulb holder side first. Then push the clip side in last.

For the passenger side do the same as above but this time the light block is 90 degrees from the driver side. So the short ends are facing the side of the car. The side to put the tool in to depress the clip is the short side closet to the centre console.

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