Checkout Specific Files From Git


From Git 1.7 it is possible to checkout specific files from a repository. The feature in Git is called sparse checkout.

How To

Create a repository:
git init myRepo

where myRepo is the directory to create the new repository.

Go into the repository and tell it will use the sparse checkout feature:
cd myRepo
git config core.sparseCheckout true

Create a file called sparse-checkout in .git/info/:
vi .git/info/sparse-checkout

Add all the files you want to checkout using repository root as the starting point. For example:

Add the remote repository address. For example using one of my Github repositories:
git remote add -f origin

Change to your repository.

Set the branch:
git checkout master

The above should automatically pull the files down for only the specified files. Otherwise perform a git pull.


It’s not as easy to setup but once complete it makes it very easy to maintain.

Is it possible to do a sparse checkout without checking out the whole repository first?

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