Cummed Twice

Oh yes! Saw a Honda Civic Salon and thought that’s nice. Oh wait its got an exhaust. He slowed down and on the back he had the same Mugen badge as I did so I thought nice taste. Then from the side he had a vtec vynl and red brake calibers front and bake. Really nice! I lost him towards Dartford and an NSX comes in! It was in really good condition with what I could only think relatively new chrome exhaust tips.

Honda NSX

After the Dartford Tunnel, a magnificient machine drew my attension:

Lamborghini Murciélago

That’s right a Lamborghini Murciélago! I even went through a tunnel and the sound was amazing! Not that not being in the tunnel made it sound crap. Was tempted to follow this car past my A10 turn off but decided it wasn’t worth it. Got all the pictures and videos I could do.

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