Energy@Home 0.6.5 Released

This new release didn’t go as smoothly as planned and I had aimed to get 0.7 out the door but felt this release did not deserve the minor versioning increment so I thought I’d explain in this post.

I had acquired some Individual Appliance Monitors (IAM) which connect to the CurrentCost energy monitor. I had tried to design the software to cater for multiple channels but found that it did not work 100%. With no way of testing this was not a surprise. I had scheduled the 0.7 milestone release all for making Energy@Home work with multiple monitors but time went by so quickly I thought I’d get it to a good working state and release it so that other people can get their IAMs (or other monitors) working.

Whilst conceptually it seemed simple to add multiple monitors the code changes that went into it was fairly large. Most of the work went into the web front end to handle more than 2 data series. The database and data logger components were already geared up to accept the new channels. I guess the web GUI shows some of lack of web design experience.

The overlay function was dropped because of the response times and complexity in refactoring the code to work with and without the current energy data series. Also the data grid stopped showing the energy values but it stilled showed the date and time with the temperature. On raising a new issue in the Google Code issue tracker the page stopped loading which hampered my progress to update the issues.

In light of all the happenings above I decided to release it under 0.6 branch and work out the bugs for 0.7 release.

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