Energy@Home 0.7 Released

This new release with the main focus on multichannel support. There were a lot of paint along the way most noticeable performance issues.

The multichannel support allows for 2 or 3 phase CT clamp compatibility. Channels are different from appliances. One CC128 device can have multiple appliances. Each appliance (according to the XML spec) can have multiple channels. Each channel are captured individually and the channel label is only shown when there are more than one channel captured in the graph legend. This means that IAMs will not show the channel prefix because they can only capture one channel at a time.

The graph will display each channel like separate appliances. The changes made to the database meant the temperature data is also treated as if it was a channel and therefore reduced a lot of code specifically written for temperature data retrieval.

Other interesting changes include data filtering in the datalogger. There are now options to check the data acquired from the CurrentCost device to ensure data integrity such as garbled data or supurious data points. This still can be further improved to filter each channel but at the moment it allows for filtering of maximum appliance ID (default is 9 and is 0 based) to device name checking.

To upgrade from 0.6.5 there are a few database upgrade scripts attached to Issue 24

Download the new version at

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