energy@home Project Update v0.4a

It’s been a while since I have mentioned the project energy@home I have been working on so I thought I’d share the latest picture of what it looks like.

energy@home 0.4a

I will soon be tagging and release a new version with the major difference form 0.3 is triggers. Triggers allows data only to be captured if certain conditions are met or exceeded. This saves saving data which has not changed much.

Next step is to get pre-triggering working where if a trigger condition is met then the data leading up to the trigger event gets logged and certain amount of data is stored after the trigger. This allows a user to view data leading up to the event, the event itself which caused the trigger and the leading data after the event.

Improvements to the UI is needed to. I would like the graph settings to be more customizable and get the data table to work so users can inspect the raw values for themselves.

Special thanks goes to Chris Noon for data acquisition techniques which lead me to using triggers.

energy@home project page

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  1. Danny says:

    Thank you for your interest Belu. I am hoping to make an official release in late February/ early March. There are a few glaring bugs that I want to get fixed such as the time frame parameter not auto populating which causes the graph not to load.

    To compensate there are some new features I have added which will go out as part of version 0.4 such as Twitter integration and new type of graph which I will preview here on my website soon.

    If you don’t want to wait you can check out the latest version of the code and it should be relatively stable.

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