energy@home With CurrentCost IAMs

It’s been a while since I’ve done a write up on the energy@home project so I thought I’d write something up.

There have been few minor tweaks since the last post including some user contribution especially from systems using multiple channels for different phased circuits. Also another notable fix was the problem when someone “installed” (I use that word loosely because there are no installers) from fresh and there was an error graphing when there was no data.

Google has recently decided to remove the binary downloads which packaged version are no longer available as a zip file. This is rather annoying but since there are no compiling required a download or clone of the files from a specific tag would give you the same files that was offered previously. I am contemplating switching to GitHub and moving the repository to Git with Google’s decision partly being the reason.

CurrentCost IAMs
The most recent addition is the display of Current Cost’s Individual Appliance Monitors (IAM). They are plugs which are double ended, one goes into the wall socket and the other allows the appliance to be connected and it can monitor the amount of electricity is being used form that plug. There is currently no way to enter the name of the appliance from the web but that’s a feature I’m working on in conjunction with trying to configure the channels. I may release an update which will not be the final solution so that it can be changed but I would like to use jqgrid to facilitate the channel management.

As you can see by the graph, it gets very busy especially when a lot of appliances use similar amounts of electricity. I tried stacking the graph but the flot library doesn’t represent them correctly so I have to find another solution.

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8 Responses to energy@home With CurrentCost IAMs

  1. Thomas says:

    Hi Danny

    great work with energy@home.

    Where i can found the actual version of enery@home? is it 0.7 on google?


  2. Mat Kraft says:

    Hi Danny,

    Thanks for all your work with energy@home.

    Unfortunately, MySQL 5.7 breaks the display side of things… the data logging all still works fine, though.

    I took the opportunity to learn a bit about flot/PHP to get a crude, basic display up for myself… it’s here if anyone wants it:

    Thanks again, hope all’s good.


    • Danny says:

      Hello Mat,

      Thanks for the comment. I’m currently not running 5.7 so I will try and take a look at this. Do you have any more details as to why it doesn’t work like error messages or behaviors?

      – Danny

  3. Danny says:

    Thanks Carles & everyone who’s raised this. I’ve created a new branch called issue16 which contains changes to address the issues.

    It’s not 100% ready yet but if you’re interested feel free to perform a git checkout issue16 to get the latest on this.

    Once I feel it’s ready, I will merge it back into the master.

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