ESKY Honey Bee V2 Fuse Mod


One of the first mod to a Honey Bee is the fuse mod. This mod adds 2 fuses to the helicopter between each motor and the 4 in 1 (4-1) controller. This is to prevent a power surge reaching the controller. This can happen when the propeller stops spinning and power is not reduced for example during a crash. If the person doesn’t doesn’t cut the throttle fast enough then the electricity will goes to the motor but because the the motor can’t spin the propellers it’s not using up all the power and that then goes to the controller which can’t handle it.

Parts & Tools

I acquired most of the parts from Halfords. Whilst it was not as cheap as it use to be, it’s better than replacing the 4-1.

Parts list:

  • 7.5 amp mini blade fuse

  • The two fuses are used for each motor. The main motor which turns the main blades is bigger than the tail rotor and have different power ratings. I chose mini car fuses for it’s size and price but normal and micro sized fuses will also work. The spades are used to as the fuse holders. It’s best to them sleeved because they are quite close together and can cause a short, by passing the fuse. I also bought a set of spare motor wires in case I screwed up the mod. Also it meant I didn’t have to splice the cables.

    There are different sized spades and it’s a judgement call as to what size is needed depending on the size of the fuse. Micro and Mini fuses should be interchangeable but the normal size fuses may need a bigger spade.

    Fuse Price comparison:
    All fuses were the same price for different ratings. It was the size that determined the price. All fuses came with 2 in a box. Prices are correct to 09/11/2011.

    Type Price Dimensions*
    Normal £1.79 19.1 x 5.1 x 18.5 mm
    Mini £1.99 10.9 x 3.6 x 16.3 mm
    Micro £3.09 10.9 x 3.81 x 8.73 mm

    The table above illustrate the price difference is largest between mini and micro fuses (55% increase) where as the normal to mini size is marginal (11% difference). Also the biggest difference in physical size is going from normal to mini. Halfords also sell LED mini fuses which light up when a fuse is blown. These cost more than the micro fuses at £3.29. Whilst they are nice to have it is not very cost economical if they need replacing a lot (depends on how often the helicopter crashes badly).

    Tools list:

    The pilers are needed to cut the cable ties off the Honey Bee which hold the wires to the chassis. Also they are needed to cut the wire and strip the insulation from the wires. There maybe more effective tools such as wire strippers. I also used a soldering iron to tin the tips of the wire and left a blob of solder for better contact but this is not necessary.


    First turn off the helicopter if not done so and remove the canopy.

    Cut the cable ties holding the wires. This gives the wires some slack to work on them.

    Take note which way the wires go into the 4-1. In the above picture, both were positive on top.

    Fuse Mod

    I will detail the steps I took which included using the soldering iron, extra motor wires and heat shrink wrapping instead of sleeves (turned out better than sleeves for holding the wire to the spades better)

    1. Plug in and heat the soldering iron up
    2. Remove the main motor power cables from the 4 in 1
    3. Remove the positive pin from the connector
    4. Remove the positive pin from the spare main motor wire same as above
    5. Remove the sleeve from the spade
    6. Strip back the open end spare positive motor wire
    7. Feed the wire through the small loop in the spade. It does not matter which side of the spade
    8. Tin and leave some solder on the wire
    9. Pull the wire back to the into the loop and crimp. Make sure the wire is securely held in the spade
    10. Do the same to the positive motor wire coming from the main motor:
      1. Strip back the open end spare positive motor wire
      2. Feed the wire through the small loop in the spade. It does not matter which side of the spade
      3. Tin and leave some solder on the wire
      4. Pull the wire back to the into the loop and crimp. Make sure the wire is securely held in the spade
    11. Fit the fuse into the spade
    12. Push the spare positive motor wire pin back into the connect
    13. Put the corrector the right way up into the 4-1 controller
    14. Test
    15. Measure and cut the heat shrink. Make sure the head shrink covered the spade and extends onto the wires
    16. Heat the heat shrink up so that it shrinks sufficiently around the spade and wire
    17. Do the above again but the for the tail wires which is the connector below the main motor


    Once both mods are done perform a small test flight, easing the power in and letting it off and then more power and letting off. By repeating this process you’ll eventually lift off and “land” again to ensure nothing is loose. I found that the my crimp wasn’t as secure as it should be so every time the fuse moved it would stop and start the motors. This would be catastrophic if it happened in flight.


    This mod is very good and should come with the helicopter… but it doesn’t. I have already replaced the fuse twice!

    * Fuse (automotive)
    Esky Honey Bee Fixed Pitch V2 Fuse Mod
    ESky Honey Bee FP HBFP V2 – Fuse Mod – Easily Protect Your 4in1

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    One Response to ESKY Honey Bee V2 Fuse Mod

    1. Roger Swan says:

      Rather than cut into/ take apart the motor wiring just purchase a couple of JST Male & Female ready made leads.
      Take a pair, Cut the two black cables down to about 20mm each and solder together and heat shrink, cut the two reds to around 40mm and crimp or solder a female spade on each to suit your fuse.
      The male JST plugs straight onto the 4 in 1 (honey bee FP V2) and the female female to the motor lead.
      A no fuss mod that can be removed at will.

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