Everyday Carry – Core 2017


This details the Core layer of my EDC as per the model defined in my previous post.


This is what I have on me when I leave the house at all times.

  1. Ziiiro Eclipse: current watch with glow in the dark dials / hand.
  2. iPhone 6s: my current mobile phone of choice.
  3. Carbon Keycage: Contains keys and my Santander Cycle key.
  4. SanDisk Extreme 32Gb: USB memory stick.
  5. Trove: All my card and cash.

1. Ziiiro Eclipse

Watch from my wife. The minimalist style yet striking look means a lot of people think it’s a smart watch (I wish). On closer look, the centre black circle is a blacked out (sticker?) to only show the ends of the hands. Once thing I do miss is the date.

The watch features a glow in the dark ring behind the hands on the watch.

2. iPhone 6s

I got this in 2015 which was a return from my first iPhone, the iPhone 3g. In between I had been using Android phones. The main reason was the spec and size of the device where as the Google phone I’d love the 5x but the spec wasn’t big enough upgrade to my previous Nexus 5 on the RAM side (predominantly for tasker app) and the 6p was too big.

I use the Apple leather case which has not stood the test of time. In less than 1 year of ownership the leather feels very rough and various scratches / tears. I also keep some money between the phone and the case as an emergency.

3. Carbon Keycage

I was tired of sounding like Father Christmas with my keys jiggling in my pocket as I walked so I bought the Carbon Keycage when it came up on a deal. It does make it bulky in the pocket but it has solved my problem most of the time. The USB and key ring does rattle a bit but not so much as keys on a key ring.

I have a bolt snap hook which allows me to attach my keys to something if necessary like my bag so it does not roll around. I have the London Barclays now Santander bike scheme fob however I hardly use it and haven’t figured out how to get my deposit back. It currently helps to pad out the key cage.

4. SanDisk Extreme 32Gb

Great performance and size is about right. I hardly use it nowadays with things like Dropbox, Google Drive, etc but it does come in hand now and again. I wish it was made of tougher material because you can see part of the casing has broken off.

5. Trove

The latest addition to my pockets a slim wallet made in England. It has 3 pockets which I stuff with a lot of cards. I have been using it for over 4 months and think it is too slim and maybe a slim bifold would’ve been a better choice.

A special mention is I have a Vault card from Kickstarter which blocks RFID readers which the Trove does not have and seems to work quite nicely.


EDC is a great concept and glad it gives a name to what people bring and use and a way of sharing these ideas.

Urban EDC Pocket Organizer in London

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