Firefox 1.5 Growing Pains

I have been experiencing weird glitches in Firefox Ever since 1.5, there seems to be constant patches/updates coming out for it. Although that may be good because it shows they are constantly working on the browser but I seem to be seeing slight problems like opening the extension list and nothing shows up until I close it and open the list again.

The browser also seems to use up a lot more system resources than it use to, often using up to 50% of the CPU. Slow down in browser performance my be due to some plugins but shouldn’t affect by much as plugins, too, are updated as often, if not even more. as the browser itself

Could this be a sign of defects creeping into the code already? Becoming a bloatware already, the thing that more or less canned Mozilla browser? Hopefully with the release of Firefox 2.0 it should solve some of these problems. Being a loyal follow of the browser since the phoenix 0.6 days after dumping Netscape browser, Firefox is still by far the best browser out there.

I may give Opera a try however I can’t see that do any better than Firefox as it bundles more features into the browser, where as Firefox offers it as an extension.

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