Free VPN For The iPhone

Whilst I was away I was aware of the dangers of using open and free access points. Even using an unfamiliar network say at your friend or family’s house.

I discovered
HotSpotShield which provides a free VPN service for the iPhone as well as for the PC / other platforms. I did try to get it to work on whilst I was away but every time it failed to connect. Once I got back to England I though I’d give it another go. This time it worked.

The company AnchorFree is behind the service and is very easy to set up with animated instructions and detailed set up for each field. All it takes is to click a button to get your account username and password. Get HotSpotShield iPhone setup.

The only problem I’m getting with the VPN is that it disconnects every so often. I have yet to pin point when or why but it can get annoying.

HotSpotShield website

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