FreePBX Blank Voicemail Login Page

After upgrading from 2.8.x to 2.9 was less straight forward than a minor upgrade but still easier to do compared to a fresh install.

A problem I had encountered was navigating to the voicemail login page was blank. The page loaded successfully with just a white page. The cause is the ARI Framework module is not installed and to rectify it is as simple as downloading and installing the FreePBX ARI Framework module via the Admin page.

Recordings page is blank after update 2.9

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2 Responses to FreePBX Blank Voicemail Login Page

  1. Jeff says:

    What about if your admin page is blank as well and you can’t get to the modules? I just did a new install and ran the 2.9 updater tool which prompted me to install just the framework as I have done on previous installs, but this time when I hit return in the orange pop up window it all just went blank. It never went back to the module screen to give me the chance to update the other modules. The PBX is up and running and I can ssh to it, but I have no GUI at all other than webmin.

  2. Danny says:

    Are there any errors being reported by the web server? If you on Ubuntu, the logs should be located in /var/logs/apache (can’t remember the log directory was plural or not) if I think there’s a general error.log file which captures all the errors by default.

    I’m sure you would have already looked but Googling your problem I found the following article which may be of help:
    Check the last comment

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