G25 Present

It has arrived! I got it yesterday but I had to complete the rest of my assignment for today so I couldn’t play it for that long. The setup is so sweet. It smells like leather and feels like leather. Oh wait it is leather. I tried it on GTR 2 and it’s great. I just have to figure out how to customize it like enabling more than 180 degrees of rotation.

Logitech G25

The only thing I do have a slight grudge about is the gear stick. Everything is smooth polished and heavy with metal and feel. The pedals have independent stiffness just like a real car and the wheel has force feedback but the gear stick just feels like moving a stick through water (no resistance at all). This is only apparent on the 6 gear manual mode but changing it to shift up and down feels more realistic.

The software game detection is bad. I run GTR 2 in window mode so I can continue to surf the web and play Eve. I have to select the profile for GTR everytime without fail.

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