George Foreman Easy Clean Grill 14066 Review

George Foreman Grill Front

George Foreman Grill Front

I didn’t need a grill but the electric oven is not the best for grilling especially the layout of the shelf (that’s right one shelf).

I saw the George Foreman Easy Clean Grill 14066 for less than £20 when it had an RRP for £39.99. Bargain! I ordered it from Amazon and it came within 2 business days. The website / specification said it was 3 portion sized grill but it was smaller than I thought. I was expecting it to hold 3 well sized beef steaks but I think I could get 1 -1.5 on there. The unit was medium sized in my opinion.

George Foreman Heating Elements

George Foreman Heating Elements

There were two hot plates, at the top and bottom which were non stick and dish washer safe. They had handles on them either side to allow you to remove the plates from the grill unit to be washed. There were a latch either side where the handles were which kept them in place. The latches some times took couple of tries before they were put in right.

George Foreman Latches

George Foreman Latches

The grill comes with a plastic scraper which is spaced correctly for the grill and a grease tray for collecting grease and oils on the sloped grill.

This model did not have a temperature control on this unit unlike the higher end models. Instead it was a simple plug in and let it warm up till the light at the top switched off. This happened pretty quickly. Throughout the cooking the handles on the hot plates stayed touchable.

George Foreman Cooking Sausages

George Foreman Cooking Sausages

I managed to fit 8 sausages side by side on the grill but it would probably cooked a lot better if there were less. A problem I did encounter with filling the George Foreman was a rouge sausage got stuck to the top hot plate when I lifted the top to check it. It fell on the floor and had to be binned (I didn’t employ the 5 second rule).

A small thing I did notice was the uneven heat across the grill plates. The heating elements are fairly big but do not cover the whole length of the grilling surface. This meant the outer sides did not cook the meat as quickly as the inner part but this was only noticed on the first and last sausages on the grill. However the first and last sausage still cooked very well and in more or less the same time as the rest of the sausages despite this problem.

After cooking I used the supplied spatula to scrape some of the oil / grease / burnt bits off the grill. It did most of the job except for the parts towards the bottom of the grill where there were larger “fins” used to stop the food rolling off the grill.

The best part of the grill was that I had to check and turn the meat a lot less than if it was in a traditional grill. The big downside was the taste. I like a bit of oil / grease on my greasy food and the sausages tasted dry. The bacon tasted fine or even better because I did not have to use a kitchen roll to take some of the oil off.

Overall I was pretty pleased with my experience with the grill so far and will look forward to using it more in the future.

George Foreman Easy Clean Grill 14066

George Foreman Grills Website

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  1. Danny says:

    Looks like the grill has stopped working. The light comes on but the heating elements are cold.

    I have had the unit for over 1.5 years.

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