Graph Annotation And Settings Features

Mark’s use of energy@home highlights a need for annotation function but before getting to that stage I want to customize the way historical data is retrieved.

Currently it only shows pre-set number of settings but I face a UI challenge to make it simple to use yet powerful enough to allow multiple overlays and graph settings and types.

As a prototype I have removed the pre-set intervals and replaced it with a textbox and the unit entered in the textbox. Whilst this works well it does not full fill my desire to allow more than one overlay. Also there is no min or max range so someone can crash the browser if they enter a high value with loads of data point e.g 99 hours. Whilst Flot may cope with large sets of data, it makes the point hover very hard and the resolution looks really bad. The flip side to this effect is that the zoom feature gives more data points.

Watts Clever Fridge + Freezer Power Anomaly

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