HTC One X Stuck Update Screen

Updating the HTC One X over the air to 1.28.401.9 which downloaded, rebooted and installed fine but after a second restart the phone was stuck on the update screen with no progress bar or anything. The only thing on the screen was an icon in the middle of a phone and some arrows.

Restarting the phone by pressing the power button goes back to the same screen. To solve the issue unplug the cable from the phone.

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16 Responses to HTC One X Stuck Update Screen

  1. Sara says:

    I had the same thing. Updating sign was showing all the time on the screen even though the updating bar was already finished. I tried to reboot it twice by long pressing the power button, but it wouldn’t do any help. Then I removed the cable, and it finally finished updating and restarted automatically. And earlier, I tried to do the system updating once as well, while many other apps were updating the same time. In the end, that updating failed cause it stuck at the screen ‘verifying update package’, and it would not move on to next step at all, but that time it was not with cable on. In the end I have to delete the downloaded file from ‘Download’, and try to update again.

  2. Tom says:

    Thanks for this. Was worried it had broken on the first day, but as soon as I removed the power cable the screen disappeared and the update went fine!

  3. Shera says:

    Help me! I just bought this phone 4 days back. i had the same problem too yesterday where my phone stuck while updating. and when i turned it on and try to play the music, it stuck again and keep on restarting. arghhhhh!

  4. Adam says:

    not working. still stuck at the update screen no matter what i do. I even try the fast boot to restore the phone by holding the volume down button and press the power button and it just turns on the phone back to the update screen. can someone please help me?

  5. Paul says:

    Thanks! Wprked for system upgrade also!
    p.s. you must be doing something right. Your page was top of the list on the Google search for ‘HTC One X System Update Stuck’ – congratulations 🙂

  6. Ayush says:

    I got an OTA update for my HTC one. AS soon as i update t to 4.3. the update was gtng installed and then it got stuck in the mod where there is a phone and an arrow in the centre. I dont have ny cables connecte. Dont know what to do . Help me 🙁 Thanks

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