Install Clockwork Recovery Mod On Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9

The second step to installing ROMs on the Galaxy Tab is to flash a new recovery firmware. Clockwork Recovery Mod (CWM) is a far more capable firmware than the stock one. Below is a video how to:

In summary:

  1. Download Odin from here
  2. Extract the Odin zip file
  3. Download CWM from here. It may say on the post but it’s a newer version. Avoid
  4. Connect the USB cable to the computer and the other end to the tablet
  5. Press and hold the power button + volume up key (the volume button closet to the power button). The device will reboot. Keep it press until a black screen with 2 logos appear.
  6. Use the volume up key to cycle between the 2 icons. Highlight green Android “bug” with Downloading… below it
  7. In recovery mode, use the volume keys to navigate up and down the menu and the power button to select the chosen option.
  8. Start Odin up
  9. If Odin detects the tablet there is a yellow box stating the COM port it’s connected on. If it does not show this do not continue.
  10. Click on PDA button
  11. Select the CWM zip file
  12. Ensure only Auto Reboot and F. Reset Time and PDA are checked. All other options should not be checked by default
  13. Click Start button
  14. Odin will say Passed once complete however the device may reboot several times.
  15. Once the device is complete it will boot into the normal environment. Reboot into hboot to check if CWM has been installed. Only selecting the white box instead of the Android “bug”

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