I had a play with Joost, a TV like program from people who came up with Skype. It is very good although lacking content and picture quality. The controls area really good and easy to change channels and programs within the channels.

You are able to put it full screen or in a good picture in picture style where it resizes to a small but viewable box ontop of all your programs in the bottom right side of your screen. This new small viewing box is resizable and movable too. I would put a screenshot but I can’t find the print screen button on my MacBook Pro.

There is also a Mac client which I have downloaded and installed. I have not tried it yet.

There is a lack of content. I did manage to find Fith Gear but it does lack big channel providers which people are familiar with on Sky or cable T.V.

Also the Adverts can be annoying too. A pop up in the middle of the screen advertising Vauxhall Astra whilst I was on a living channel talking about what is the best wine and whiskey (I was channel surfing). The adverts don’t resize when you choose to have the picture in picture style box and that’s why it pops up in the middle of the screen. In full screen, the ads are smaller and appear more in the bottom right corner of the picture.

I also did experience pauses whilst using Joost. I think it was to do with the connection but using a 2mb cable connection streamed over a wireless G network with excellent signal according to Windows is a bit disappointing although watchable. I was the only one using the Internet so I wonder how it will do with less bandwidth…

Overall it is a good viewing experience but I don’t think it’s ready to go into the livingroom yet.

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