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I had miss placed / lost my locking nut keys for the car. What made it worse was the tyres and MOT. They looked like they needed fresh rubber and I was frantically looking for the key the day before but alas they were nowhere to be found.

At the prospect of losing my investment I phoned Honda to see what they said but they just said bring it in so I did. Jason, the Honda service guy who I had dealt with before (he’s cool) came out and checked it. He said it looked O.K but the front off side tyre looked the most worn. Praying when I got home I finally got a call to say it passed the MOT without the need to cut the locking nuts off.

Now it was off to McGard to get replacement key.

Ordering Additional Keys

I managed to find the instructions with the vital information about my key. It has a serial with an Julian Date which is used to identify your key pattern. McGard offers 3 ways to order them. They are:

On the instruction paper quotes the cost of a replacement key. It’s odd that they would print the price considering prices change.

I opted for Online. I filled in the web form and submitted it. I expected an order number or confirmation number but there was nothing. I then waited for a confirmation email… There was nothing. I did this over the weekend so I did not expect to see the much activity on their end. I used my online banking to check if the money had come out but it had not been updated when Monday came.

I rang them using the free number. It goes directly to their Germany HQ. The operators spoke very good English. They confirmed they had received the order and it would be dispatched on Monday.

I got a package in the mail on Thursday, 3 days after the dispatch date. Very good. You can tell it’s from Germany because of the multilingual stamps and lettering.


Very good service with the exception of lack of confirmation during the order process. It’d ideal that they give UK customers a free phone number.

McGard Official Website

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