MediaTomb Samsung TV On Ubuntu


MediaTomb uPnP / DLNA server works out the box for standard media servers but required some configuration tweaks to enable playback on PlayStation 3. Whilst the changes were done manually in an XML file, the changes were simple and they were documented in the file. Enabling playback on Samsung T.Vs however are not. This worked on my Samsung D8000 Series T.V and there have reports of it working from C6000 series too.

Configuration Changes

Edit the file /etc/mediatomb/config.xml

Ensure the line is set to yes

Add the following just below to the protocolInfo line:

Go to section. Remove or comment out the line

if it was enable for PS3 support.

Add the following in the mappings section below the line :

Save the file and restart MediaTomb sudo service mediatomb restart


Very simple to do and worked once the service was restarted. Not sure how the mappings will work because the avi format conflicted with the mappings for the PlayStation.

MediaTomb DLNA Server on Ubuntu for Samsung TV

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