My Canon DSLR Journey Part 3 – Camera Bag


One of the first items I purchased after getting a DSLR was getting a bag. Bags are essential to protect the equipment when moving around. Unless everything can come to you it is more than likely the camera will travel with you to places to get the shots.


Bags are very personal and depends on what it will be used for. For example how many lens will it need to carry and how big are the lenses? The types of bags are as follows:

Some of the well known brands I came across are Kata, Think Tank and LowePro

I bought a LowePro Fastpak 150 AW which is a backpack style bag. It was under £100 and it has 2 zones. The lower zone has space for a camera with attached lens and a side door to pull out the camera like a sling bag. IT can carry approximately 2-4 lenses with this configuration. The top half can be used to carry chargers, batteries, etc. The side has a tripod holder and the back can slot up to 11″ laptop but my 13″ Samsung Series 9 Ultrabook also fits. The AW stands for all weather so it has a water proof jacket at the bottom which can be deployed and wrap around the bag. THe down side is it’s attached to the bag so to dry the cover it needs to be left dangling at the bottom of the bag.

The bag is small in comparison to a “normal” size backpack for example what people use for schools (at least when I was at school) but it makes a good light travel bag. In the future when I have more lens and equipment I know I will have to get a bigger bag if I didn’t want to compromise of what I can take but there will always be an occasion where a small bag for the casual shoots or general traveling.


Now armed with a bag hopefully this will mobiles the photography to go out an explore and practice and somewhere to pack and put your gear away.

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