My First Arduino

I got my last piece of hardware to finally start using my LCD and Accelerometer. It’s funny how the cheapest, smallest part was the hardest to find. I got some pin headers and soldered them onto the board so it can be plugged in and removed from the breadboard easily.

I ran through the simple tutorials in the mean time like the blinking LED from the Arudino Learning page

8bit LCD

I followed this tutorial from the Arduino website. It worked once I got the wiring right. I bought a Crystalfontz America 8bit LCD from Cool Components. I would have liked a blue LED backlight but they seem fairly rare. The LCD takes up a lot pins.


I have yet to get the backlight LED working but it’s not important for it to work. Also display the accelerometer values on the LCD. I need to test the accelerometer and I was lucky to pick the cheaper analog version otherwise I would have ran out of pin outs/in.

Arduino Offical Website
Cool Components

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