Netgear WNDR3700 Thoughts

I bought a Netgear WNDR3700 to replace the shoddy DLink DIR-615 that came with our cable service and it has holding up very good. I was even approached on Twitter from a DLink representative but he was unable to solve the issue after a long delay in replies to my DHCP issue and Gigabit LAN (which the latter turns out to be my fault. The router does not have Gigabit LAN).

The look and style is OK. It has a finger smudging glossy black case but it looks cool. Also the size of the router is a lot bigger than the DIR-615 as well. It comes with a stand but it also has wall mounting points.

The box that it came in stated it was a N600 model but it is the WNDR3700.

The web interface is similar to any Netgear router however some features I have not seen before include QOS, automatic update, guest wireless network, etc

A real dual antenna is awesome with one working only in the N range frequency and the second for all devices in the older spectrum.

The unit has been working fine for over a month now so it is highly recommended. The second month however I saw some websites / pages were timing out. After rebooting both the router and the Cisco modem the issue was resolved. I’m not sure if this was a router or modem issue as I had the same problem on any of the machines connected to the LAN wired or wireless.

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