New Flat In Stevenage

I’m trying to find a job and my girlfriend found one in Hertfordshire. We decided to move to Stevenage. Boy was moving day a day to remember. We had the bare essentials stuffed into a “super mini” and a medium sized family car. We had to leave early from Eastbourne to get to Stevenage around 12. We left at 9:00 and got here in good time and good timing because we managed to catch the estate agent Caroline just before she was about to leave for a viewing. Terina dotted the i’s and crossed the t’s on some paper work, got the keys and off we went to our new flat.

We went in and had a look around before opening a window and passing things through the window since we were on the ground floor. A good hour or so after we had unloaded all the stuff from the car. We relaxed a bit by going through the inventory list making sure it was correct (which it wasn’t). We started up things as we went along like turning on the circuit breakers and checking the lights, washing machine etc. We got stuck when it came to the fridge but it was becuase it was off at the wall and we had to move it out just enough for Terina to reach and turn it on.

We unpacked a bit and started to clean all the crockery and cutlery so that we had clean stuff to cook and eat from later on. Got through half the washing before we headed off to Tescos to buy some stuff like milk, butter, etc. At the spur of the moment we went and got a coffee table from Argos so we had a place to put the food on to eat. We had to hurry because we had cold and frozen stuff in the car. When we got back the fridge had become cool enough (luckily) to store our groceries.

We made a quick soup and bread because we didn’t have any breakfast. It was only a light meal so we would make a proper meal (gammon and mash potatoe) for dinner.

Everything was going well till Terina tried to cut the potatoes for the mash. It was a multi-purpose grator and she sliced her finger tip open. This happened around 19:00. This was when we discovered we didn’t have any medical stuff like plasters. She washed the blood off but it kept bleeding. We didn’t even have any selatape. She remembered she had some plaster tape? in her wash bag and we used kitchen towel to soak the blood. We then went to look for a convienant store because the big super markets would have been closed by now.

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