It’s following in the trend of Ultra Mobile Personal Computer(UMPC) and this is a new mobile device running Linux. I’m not 100% sure if this unit is marketed at “normal” users or gamers because it has a full QWERTY keyboard as well as joypad buttons. It is slated to be coming out in July for around £200.

The device is community driven and is open source device. Like the Asus EEE PC, I can imagine the second generation will look a lot less brick like and more sleek. The screen layout is similar to the first generation EEE PCs with the speaker placement next to the screen. For £200 it will be in direct competition with the 700 series EEE PC since the new generation should be available then.

OpenPandora Comparison

There are various YouTube videos on the device and is compared to the Nintendo DS Lite. It is bigger than a DS Lite but it also has a lot more “stuff” packed into it like 2 SDHC slots! Over 10 hours of battery(so they say). In my opinion it’s ugly but it’s nicely powered. There’s a video on YouTube running Final Fantasy VII smoothly. A Playstation 1 game. Again like the GP2X, it runs things in emulators but can also do normal desktop PC tasks like browsing the web with a web browser and the built in WiFi.


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