Pay & Go Sim For Tablets

I was on a hunt for a regular sim card for a tablet and had different experiences with each shop:

  1. T-Mobile Store – Closet store on arrival. Staff was helpful in helping us and offered a regular pay and go mobile phone sim. This was apparent when he said you can buy bundles via SMS.
  2. Vodafone Store – Asked for a sim for a tablet just like T-Mobile store but this time we were only offered a tablet tariff sim card. The data plan was very limited: £5 for 50mb
  3. Three Store – Same question as per the other 2 stores and was offered a tablet tariff again. This time on a more generous at £10ish for 1GB. I Asked if a “normal” mobile phone pay and go sim can be used instead of the tablet sim that was offered and the sales guy said and I quote “2 different networks, one for mobiles and one for tablets.” He went on to say Three would block the tablet if it was using a mobile phone sim. At this point I smelt something similar to feces… I left the store not long after that statement.
  4. Carphone Warehouse – Another helpful guy who as an independent representative from a network carrier suggested some tablet sims. I inquired about using a pay and go phone sim and the representative said it could be done but it’s not guaranteed to work, as I suspected.
  5. O2 Store – I decided to not mention tablet when I asked about their text & web pay and go sim. It has 300 text + 500mb if you top up £10 each month and the credit stays on the phone so you can use that to buy data bolt on for example.

I do not know what the terms and conditions state about usage of the sims and devices and so proceed with caution. I do not take any responsibility or liability for your action from the information given.

I settled on the O2 sim. I went to the store last because I liked the text & web tariff but also you could manage it online.

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