Reduce SSD Wear By Moving Windows Temporary Files Cache To RAM Disk


Temporary files used by Windows can be moved to a RAM disk to improve speed as well as

Go here to see how to create a RAM Disk.


As with most things there is a compromise. RAM Disk is less reliable compared to disk. If an unexpected issue such as power loss were to occur, the files stored on the RAM Disk may not have been written to disk since the idea is to reduce the number of times files are written to an SSD


Create a new folder on the RAM disk to hold the temporary files.

Go to Computer, right click and select Properties.
Computer Properties

Click on Advanced system settings on the left to open System Properties.

Go to the Advanced tab and press the Environment Variables… button.
System Properties Advanced Tab

In the System variables section find TEMP and TMP. For each, select them and press the Edit… button. Change the Variable value to the new RAM disk path.
Environment Variable Change

Press OK button to save and close all the windows.


Fairly simple to move reduce SSD usage for temporary files and should increase performance.

Use A Ram Disk To Reduce Writes On Solid State Drives

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