Run Dropbox On Ubuntu 12.04 Server


I wanted to set up Dropbox on a headless server so I can access files sync’d rom Dropbox as well as having an online backup of the files away from Dropbox itself.


Download and extract the zip file:
wget -O - "" | tar xzf -
This will create a folder called .dropbox-dist once complete (not the dot meaning its a hidden directory).

At this point it’s best to SSH from a remote computer because it will require logging into Dropbox website to link the install to your account.
cd dropbox-dist

The Dropbox program will start and complain tht the client is not linked to any account. Simply copy the link it displays into a browser and log in. Make sure the dropboxd software is still running whilst you link the account or it will not work.

Once successful a welcome message will appear. As soon as the account is linked it will dreate a ~/Dropbox folder in the user’s home directory and start syncing everything. It is best to stop dropboxd at this point as quickly as possible if you do not want it to download everything. Press Ctrl+c to exit the program.


A nice and simple solution to controlling the Dropbox service and also backs up files to a server.

Download Dropbox

Install Dropbox In An Entirely Text-Based Linux Environment

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