Russell Hobbs 14165 Turbo Brush Head Cleaning Problem

An update to my experience of the Russell Hobbs 14165 which I had reviewed few months back.

Turbo Brush Problem

Turbo Brush Problem

Now that I’ve had it for a while I thought I’d check the turbo head which has a rotating brush head. It’s great for picking up stuff like hairs as the picture shows but it lacks easy maintainability. My girlfriend had noticed more and more hairs on the floor despite me vacuuming the rooms. This when I flipped the head over and noticed the brush roll was full of hair.

Some hoovers have the brush roll detachable so you can clean it but looking at this one it did not look like you can. The instructions were missing at the time when I did it. As the brush head had bristles it was not a simple job of getting a razor and cutting the hairs away. The bristles are actually aligned in a spiral pattern. We resorted to a flat head screw driver and a pair of scissors but still took very long to clean. This was very bad design! I did try to take the head assembly apart to try and get the brush roll out but it was very well put together and I did not want to break.

Eventually all the hairs and dust bunnies were removed and after rummaging through the stacks of paper on the coffee table was the manual which confirmed the brush roll was not detachable (by a user anyways).

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