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I / we was on the market for a vacuum cleaner and I wanted a non upright one (because I’m use to it). I was astonished by the lack of reviews of these items online. It was hard to figure out which were good and which were bad. I wanted to spend as little as possible but didn’t want to get a badly designed, cheap vacuum because they should last for a while. I like the idea of a bagless system but my mum had said it means you would have to wash it instead of just binning the bag.

Russell Hobbs 14165 Specification

Russell Hobbs 14165 Box

Russell Hobbs 14165 Box

We had settled on a Russell Hobbs 14165. The specification is below:

The Purchase

I bought the unit from Argos for £59.99. This to me is expensive! The model is one up from the “Dalmatian” 14164 model which I have seen a lot. The newer 14165 is not even listed on Russell Hobb’s website. It has 0.5 litre bigger capacity but lacks a variable power switch. Everything else is the same and according to their website the 13164 is listed for the same price.

My Impression

Russell Hobbs 14165 Box Open

Russell Hobbs 14165 Box Open

The unit is average sized, light – medium weight. It has a handle for you to carry the unit.

All the filters are washable. There are two foam filters located at the top where the air is sucked in from the dust bucket? and one at the back where the air comes out. The unit comes with two HEPA filter cylinders. The instructions claim it is so that you can wash one and use the other. A nice gesture.

Spare HEPA Filter

Spare HEPA Filter

The unit comes with a nozzle with a retractable brush. The Nozzle holder is at the back of the vacuum.

Nozzle Holder

Nozzle Holder

The “bucket” where all the particles are collected can be removed and emptied and washed. The bottom has a latch which when released, the bottom will open like an upside down kettle.

The power / suction is very power. The turbo head has a brush and it sounds like an air plane when you lift it up. Without the variable power, it makes it hard to vacuum the rugs and mats.

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