Samsung EFC-1C9NBEC Book Cover Mini Review


After a horrible experience with a “compatible” cover for the Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 I decided to get the official one and be done with it.


The book style cover protects front and back with a hinge which have cut outs for power and 3.5mm headphone socket. The volume buttons are covered unfortunately but the volume cut out also has a slit to allow the cover to open without tugging on the headphone cable too much. The case is made of plastic with a cross hatched lines. It is a great feel but the lines do catch more dirt and dust between the lines. On the inside the case has a soft felt lay which helps to protect the tablet from scratches. The device is held in with side / corner tension clips. This clips are not too strong but not too weak however if it was dropped with the cover open it may come out.

There is flap at the end of the cover which over laps the side with the proprietary connector used for charging the device. This means the flap must be open to charge the device but whilst traveling it protects the port from dust and other possible damage. The flap contains magnets which holds the book style cover close. I prefer the magnet system because it’s easy to open and doesn’t make a noise when opening the cover unlike Velcro. Besides keeping the cover closed the flap also serves to hold the tablet up in a wedge shape.

The flap also may hit the screen which makes a crack sound. This means when closing the cover the flap needs to be moved to ensure it does not hit the screen on the flap edge.


Overall the case is sold and good fit. It provides adequate protection and functionality. The only down side is not being able to charge without opening the case up slightly but I’m just nit picking now.

Samsung EFC-1C9NBEC 8.9 inch Book Cover for Galaxy Tab – Black Synthetic

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