Switching From Android To iPhone 6s


Technically the title should read iOS instead of iPhone but hey ho.

It has been a long time since I have used an iPhone full time however I made the switch mainly because of the ever increasing physical size of Android devices and that you had to get a large phone (5.5 inches or bigger) in order to get a flag ship phone. I’m not a spec chaser however looking at the compromises I had to make I thought I’d switch and see how it will go for my next cycle of phones.


I started with an iPhone 3G as my primary phone when I was at university. At the time there were no real competitor (and arguable wasn’t for a long time).

I bought a HTC Desire and stayed with Android until recently where I leave behind my barely surviving Nexus 5.

The main reasons I switched from iOS to Android were:

Some of things I have noted no longer apply but at the time they were there.

The last but not least: being different. I noticed one day that everyone on my table at a pub had an iPhone. At the time, Android was nowhere near iOS but it took me on an interesting journey to where I am today (Maybe a conversation at the pub).

Things I Like (So Far)

Live Photos is brilliant! Not only does it capture moments before and after the photo but also the sound! It gives the photos context and brings it to life. You can take videos however Live Photos allows you to show the picture itself or the Live Photo depending on what you’re trying to show or who you’re showing it to. The down side is it’s an Apple technology so you’ll be unlikely to get the Live Photo as is off the device to another platform.

Apple Pay is so simple and easy to use I wish everywhere would take it. You can place the back of the phone on top of the credit/debit card reader and the screen will turn on showing you the picture of the default card stored and about to pay with and waiting for you to authorise the payment using the fingerprint reader or your pin. It’s relatively quick and simple. A tip from Damien, you can open up the Apple wallet, select the card and keep you finger rested on the fingerprint reader for a quicker payment. The card and the finger resting on the reader means the phone has everything it needs except for the card reader for the payment to go through. Very good for going through the barriers on the London Underground.

Spotlight is one of those little gestures done right (unlike Blackberry 10). It’s a simple swipe down from the home screen and a omni search is present listing the most frequent apps and contacts below by default. It doesn’t take up any home screen real estate (Google Now launcher does) and

Things I Don’t Like

System API access. Nothing beats Tasker on Android for automation and sadly Workflow and Launch Centre Pro doesn’t live up to it. I thought extensions would help but nothing beats the more open API Android offers.

Multitasking and background process is still lacking. I have had countless apps failing to sync content from Evernote, Dropbox to Gmail. Surely not all of

Apps on the home screen can’t be hidden. The app draw in Android means only apps you want quick access to can be on the home screen. For iPhone, if it’s installed then there will be an icon. What makes it worse is the folders can only holder 9 icons before it starts paging!

Things To Note

Sim tray removal tool
The sim removal tool is not the same size!

Prices of equivalent apps are more expensive. For example Android Pocket Casts is £2.49. iOS Pocket Casts is £2.99. KeePassDroid is free. Kypass is £4.99


There is no perfect device so I hope the decision I made isn’t too costly until I next switch and by that time I hope the trend will be to go back to smaller phones.

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