Run Vuze / Azureus On 64bit Java

Go to SWT Eclipse project website and download the Linux (x86_64/GTK 2) version. At the time. SWY was at version 3.7.2 and the downloaded file was swt-3.7.2-gtk-linux-x86_64.zip. Make a temporary folder to unzip the files to: mkdir ~/swt Unzip the … Continue reading



My Alternative Free Software On Windows

Overview Here are my picks for free software on Windows (currently Windows 7). Free and open source (two different licenses applied to software) have come a long way and have come to replace my ageing proprietary and non-free applications. I … Continue reading



Windows 7 64 Bit Release Candidate Experience

Overview I heard good reviews about Windows 7 and with the nature of the Internet there was no way of avoiding the news coming out about it. I was on Windows Vista Ultimate for over a year and started to … Continue reading