Ubuntu 16.04 Migration Update

A quick update to my migration process. I had all the servers running 16.04 and it was OK except for the stability. Setting up and moving things were simple enough. I did encounter issues with my symlinked .bashrc which I … Continue reading



Dockerising WordPress

Overview Container software has really picked up in popularity in part thanks to Docker and the concept is great. So much so I wanted to try it on my blog. Topology My setup consisted of a single instance on DigitalOcean … Continue reading



Raspberry Pi Replace Home Server

Overview With the popularity of Raspberry Pi I wanted to investigate if it was possible to replace my 24×7 Linux server running at home. Whilst one Raspberry Pi will not replace a desktop computer, it may be possible to use … Continue reading



Use log4j As Tomcat 7 Logger

Log4j is a common logging framework used within applications. The logging library can also replace the default logging in the following steps: Stop Tomcat server (if running) Download log4j library from their website Extract and copy the jar file to … Continue reading



Apache Error: Invalid method in request /x16/x03/x01

The error relates to the SSL certificates defined in one of the site configuration. In my case the certificates were missing from the server so the error appear on the webpage when any users tried to access the page.



FreePBX 2.9/2.10 On Ubuntu 12.04

Overview Here’s an updated guide for installing FreePBX on Ubuntu 12.04. I found a different guide to installing FreePBX against the 12.04 LTS with some minor tweaks. I have opted for installing 2.9.x of FreePBX because the changes in 2.10 … Continue reading



IaaS Or VPS Part 1 – Analysis And Intent

Overview With the proliferation of Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) does it make sense to use Virtual Private Servers (VPS) or even shared / dedicated hardware? Prices for IaaS have been decreasing with competition and VPS industry hasn’t really moved … Continue reading



Monitor Services On Ubuntu 12.04 With Monit

Overview Monit is a very simple daemon which monitors conditions. Conditions can be defined as anything from a file to mounted drives. Monit can send email alerts, log to syslog and also restart services. Install Mail Transfer Agent (MTA) To … Continue reading