Computer Has Died

Unfortunately my computer has died on me so my blog posts may become less frequent till it is fixed / sorted.



Amazon iPhone App

Amazon released an app for the iPhone a long time ago and I was meant to write about it but forgot. The Amazon app allows users to search and buy items from their phone. It requires the 1 click payment … Continue reading



My Performance Tweaks To Ubuntu

Now that I have a “spare” Linux box I thought I’d try and improve the speed on the box. If it goes kaput I learn and re-install. So here are the ones I found that worked: hdparm This is the … Continue reading



Antec Mini P180

Summary This is the start of my new build which will replace the Linux box. The aim of the new PC is a media PC. Antec Mini P180 Overview The case was available in black and white (I opted for … Continue reading



Considering Server Replacement

I am starting to see problems with my old, long running server. It gets bogged down very easily. I am considering 2 options: 1. Buy / get a new computer 2. Rent a Virtual Private Server (VPS) 3. Amazon Web … Continue reading



Back To Windows Vista

I have been away from my main computer for a while and coming back to it and it feels so slow (not to mention the broadband but that’s not my fault)! I can only point the finger on Windows Vista … Continue reading




Overview I wanted some off-site backup to go with my unprotected backup of my computer. I haven’t got the money to afford a redundant storage and backup so this is where the idea came from. Yes it would be slow … Continue reading



Griffin PowerJolt

Overview I wanted a car charger for my iPhone 3G because it just needs juice more or less everyday to ensure it has power to last me the day. I had a car cigarette lighter extension which had a USB … Continue reading