Docker On DigitalOcean Cannot Resolve Hostnames

Overview I encountered an issue where during the build of my Docker container it was not able to get a response back during an apt-get update command. It turns out it was unable to resolve the DNS entries because of … Continue reading



IaaS Or VPS Part 3 – Up And Running

Overview Part 2 looked at the differences of AWS/IaaS to VPS. Part 3 will be looking at the cost after a period of time. Running Report The Amazon Web Services have been running for over 3 months with February running … Continue reading



IaaS Or VPS Part 2 – Setup And Install

Overview Part 1 described the reasoning and setup behind the comparison. In this post I will go through the implementation of AWS and the final comparison of IaaS Vs. VPS Setup EC2 Setting up an EC2 and RDS instance was … Continue reading



Ubuntu 12.04 DHCP Server

Overview A DHCP server issues computers on the network IP addresses. Normally this is done by the router but a computer is more flexible because: Cheap to add multiple network interface cards More control over network traffic Fits into other … Continue reading



namebench – DNS Tester

There’s a really good DNS benchmark tester called namebench. It’s free (beer and source) and runs on Windows and Mac OSX. The software tests the current DNS as well as popular DNS servers like OpenDNS and Google. It also has … Continue reading



Page Speed Tests

Overview Since April 2010, Google has incorporated page speed and loading times into it’s search ranking. Whilst this may not be a huge factor in the rankings it’s something to be aware of. This means optimizing web sites has never … Continue reading



Remote Extension In FreePBX

Overview Phones / extensions can register with a PBX on a local network because they can see each other it becomes limited if you have follow me or would like to use the phone outside of your network. Asterisk / … Continue reading